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Blue-Eyed Boy :iconimacrazytrekkie:imacrazytrekkie 2 2
Cauterizer - A Gimbles Mini-Fic
“You have nothing to offer me anymore, my reptilian chum. I have your sanity and his soon enough, and you have nothing else of value to me, so if you want to bargain over this like a damn fool, you’ll have to find some other sap to listen to you.”
Gimbles spat on the cobbles as he marched through the Hollow City with purpose. His most recent little chat with Sheogorath had been as infuriating as ever, but it doesn’t do to blame the Mad God for making one mad.
If one Daedra couldn’t fix this, he’d find another who would.
He stopped briefly before the imposing facade of the Chapel of Light that towered above the city. You know what you’re doing, he told himself. What needs to be done. He sighed, nodded with worried determination, and climbed the steps to the temple doors.
“My dear Rus-Meht! Are you well?” Meridia’s pleasant voice echoed through the Chapel as she saw him enter.  She still called him by h
:iconimacrazytrekkie:imacrazytrekkie 1 5
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Killing Monsters :iconhellomynameised:HelloMyNameIsEd 6 24
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Sooooo ShoutFinder tagged Gimbles in a thing, and now I gotta.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. Tag backs allowed.
4. Post their names along with their creator's avatars.

(Not taggin' cuz basically the only folks I'd tag right now were also just tagged by Shout, but if you've got a character you wanna gush about, hit me upppp.)

So my ding-dang lizard boy, eh?  Let's see what factoids I can drop about this son of a fireball...

And don't worry, I'm currently working on a full bio for him and all of his incarnations in case folks want to get to know this boy properly.

1. Names - His full nickname's Gimbles-in-the-Wabe because he was originally conceived of as a devotee of Sheogorath that's since became unbelievably more.  His original Jel name is Rus-Meht which roughly translates to Cracks-By-Dancing because he used his big horns to break out of his egg instead of his egg-tooth. Later on, especially in his fourth through sixth lives in Thedas, he goes by Gim almost exclusively because either of his Argonian names would be out of place in that universe.

2. Lives - Officially, I have 7 lives on record for Gim, though I've played him in a few other things for the lulz.  The progression goes ESO -> Morrowind -> Oblivion -> Dragon Age Origins -> Dragon Age 2 -> Dragon Age Inquisition -> Skyrim.  It's profoundly convoluted, but I have reasons for how it works, and I love it.  In Origins and Inquisition, he's Dalish, so he's been an Argonian (All the TES games), a Daedric Prince (Oblivion), an elf (DAO, DAI), and a human (DA2), not even counting all the times he's been a vampire or werewolf.  Lots of variety with this one.

3. Backstory - Before any of the other world-hopping began Gim was an Argonian slave on Vvardenfell.  He was raised there and a lot of stuff happened to him that I can definitely go into other times, but eventually he got free (Thanks Sheo) and set about doing all kinds of vigilante anti-slavery work on the island with his eventual teammate, my other character Teleri Maryon, before the two of them were caught, sacrificed to Molag Bal and spent 3 years in Coldharbour (4 for Tel).  I have 5.5 pages of backstory written up so far that cover this entire period, plus fic either completed or in progress that covers it, so you'll probably hear plenty about it if you stick around.

4. Chat Quirks - Because what kind of RP-er would I be if I didn't have a consistent voice for my boy.  Gim is the most flippant, sarcastic little shit you'll've ever spoken to.  He drops the g's off of the ends of "ing" words when he gets to talkin' enthusiastically about any damn thing.  He uses words like "y'all" and "ain't" on the godsdamn regular, and he swears like a fuckin' sailor even though he ain't ever been to sea for much time at all. Everybody gets a nickname: no full names from Gim.

5. Sexuality - Gim's asexual as all kinds of heck.  He doesn't get urges to do The Sexy Stuff outside of bare-bones maintenance and maybe occasional fun unless he's got a partner whom it's really important to.  Since he's not in it for his own jollies most of the time, he doesn't care what his partners come built with so long as he can figure out how to help them have a good time, so he could also be described as pansexual.

6. Gender Identity - Despite the often first appearances, Gim's definitely a dude and pretty proud of it.  It just so happens that he's a dude who looks MARVELOUS in a dress and is not keen in the slightest to limit his potential for fabulosity with silly notions about what's "proper" for a guy to do.

7. Friends - If you are Gim's friend, he will 100% be the best friend you have ever had.  He is The Best Wingman, gives the best advice (about fashion or literally anything else), and, oh yeah, HE MAY ALSO LITERALLY GIVE HIS LIFE FOR YOU.  He may screw up royally and is unfathomably tactless sometimes all of the time, but he cares so damn profoundly about his friends that he would do anything to make them happy.

8. Loves - Across his many lives, he's been together with quite a few folks, both casually and much more seriously.  This is gonna get long and a little personal, so HAVE FUN! :D Prior to ESO, he and my girl, Tel, were a thing, though they called that off amicably.  He's been known to have some casual three-ways with Ikaeru and my's Lizbians, Casts-Large-Shadows and Slinks-Through-Shadows when they wanted to invite a friend.  Those are well-called-off for him now though, because he's sharing his absolutely precious new girlfriend, Shout's lovely Thalya Dren, with his metamour (poly term for the partner of one's partner), Rolan, played by HelloMyNameIsEd .  He's mostly single in Morrowind and Oblivion; he and Ilmeni Dren miiiiight be "close" friends (Buoyant Armiger boyfriend be damned), though not as close as he was with her however-many-greats grandmother.  He has a casual fling with Morrigan in Dragon Age Origins, but calls it off when she tries to make it more serious because he's not feeling it for her.  And then, in DA2, he re-meets Merrill who knew Gim Mahariel before my boy hopped through the busted eluvian into the elf's body...  I could go on for days about how profoundly much I am in love with this wonderful ship, but I will save it for another time.  In Inquisition, he doesn't romance any of the usual crew, but instead, I've decided that Gim Lavellan goes back to Kirkwall, looks Merrill up, and levels with her about his world-hopping shenanigans.  When he eventually returns to Tamriel, come Skyrim, he and Serana have a lovely little fling...and when a cute little Bosmer shows up from Thedas after she's reverse-engineered Gim's world-hopping technique with her eluvian research, they settle into another adorable poly threesome, and it's precious as fuck.

But that's my a few little blurbs about my dang Gimbles.  He's a good boy, and I love him to goshdang bits.
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