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HomestuckOCs - Liance and Vera by imacrazytrekkie HomestuckOCs - Liance and Vera by imacrazytrekkie
My Homestuck 'sonas, Liance and Vera. One troll, one human.

Full name: Liance Zorren
Chumhandle: crepuscularTragedian
Title: Sprite of Rime
Planet: Land of Weirs and Shards
Moon: Prospit
Blood/Text color: Teal (33CCCC)
Lusus: Deerseal Dad
Matesprit: Ikaeru, ~Ikaeru's trollsona
Moirail: Risten, ~Butterfly-Cat's trollsona
Shirt symbol: Cassiopeia
Strife Specibus: Snow-shovelkind
Fetch Modus: Three-Card Solitare
Typing Quirk: Replaces "w" with "vv" and "-ing" with "ink", precedes text with "\\//\\//", "qu" replaced with "qv", smilies preceded by C for her horns.
Occupation: Arctidemic - Educator of newly adult troll royalty
Additional Information: Liance lives toward Alternia's north pole. She rather likes swimming, which is odd for a land-troll and designed her hive to include an indoor pool. I chose Cassiopeia for her constellation because I wanted her to have a constellation shirt, and Cassiopeia is one of the ones I can easily pick out. Her eye-quirk is just something interesting that we added when ~Ikaeru and I were working on her a little. It doesn't really have any specific meaning, at least not one I'm going to share. XD
Other art containing Liance:
More Trollsprites by me - Liance's god-tier with her kismesis and matesprit
pink snow by `TeaAndZebraStripes - Liance and Ikaeru
Ice skates are not Shoes by ~Butterfly-Cat - Liance and Risten, ~Butterfly-Cat's trollsona
Liance - Kiriban - by *Shattered-Earth for catching her kiriban
Liance Minecraft Skin, a skin I made for my player in Minecraft.
More Trollsprites, God-tier Liance with her matesprit, Ikaeru, and kismesis, Kennet
Dream Liance and Deerseal Dad Liance's Prospit dream-outfit and her lusus-sprite
Updated god-tier with Ikaeru's god-tier
Kiriban Prize: Liance Zorren by *VanEvil

Full name: Vera Andrews
Chumhandle: grievousGrimalkin
Title: Nymph of Haze
Planet: Land of Mist and Twilight
Moon: Prospit
Text color: Teal (33CCCC)
Guardian: Moo (Pet cat)
Shirt symbol: Cat face in the Greek letter (mu)
Strife Specibus: Flagkind
Fetch Modus: Graph (Kinda like the tree, but things can only be stored next to things they are related to somehow.)
Typing Quirk: Normal grammar and spelling, precedes text with "XD", uses lolspeak and emoticons
Occupation: College Student
Additional information: I designed Vera first. She probably has more story than Liance, actually. She and three of her friends, Eric, Shad, and Dana, are all in college and take up playing Sgrub together over spring break because it's something they can do together while they're all in different parts of the country/world for school.
Other art containing Vera:
Saia and Vera by ~Butterfly-Cat - Vera in an alternate outfit with Saia, one of ~Butterfly-Cat's original trolls
Sing Me To Sleep by ~Butterfly-Cat - Vera helping adorablyConfused, ~Butterfly-Cat's humansona, reach godtier

Anyway, original Homestuck concepts belong to the Hussmeister, who is full of win.
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ToddTech Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I like how this has been favourited by 13 people and looked at 123 times, and yet no one has commented at all.

This is quite good! Very comprehensive guide to yer OCselves. A lot of people don't follow guides like 6 letters for trollnames, and singular-sound Land names. You even went to the trouble to have/give a name that's four letters and then 7 letters; although if you wanted to get really technical, 7 letter last names only go to Dersite dreamselves *8B dork*. I feel personally humans don't need silly guidelines like that, though, especially if it's going to be your actual real self.

Great job!
imacrazytrekkie Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks very much! :D Yeah, I'm kinda OCD about trying to make things as canonically accurate as possible.
Since we only had the four kids and didn't have any examples beyond them, I saw the last names as being indicative of who they were related to. The two with six letter last names are related, and the two with seven letter last names are related, so, when I named the other four humans in Vera's set, I went like that. I suppose either way of looking at it works though.
ToddTech Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I suppose there's no way of discerning if it's blonde hair or Derse that makes you have a 7-letter last name. That's a cool way of looking at it. :3

By the way, I like how much you use other resources to make your art, you're really quite good at it, any other person wouldn't be able to get away with it, but you make-your-own-dolls extremely artfully. Your gallery was really fun to look at.
imacrazytrekkie Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed. Aww, thanks very much! :D I certainly try. XD
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